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Community Facilities

​Nutrible makes it easy for you to provide food support to community members who need it most!

​Community centers serve as the centerpiece for families and places where people go to find support.


​There are individuals and families that need food resources that participate in your organization! 


Nutrible provides a smooth process for organizations to easily guide members to food banks, state and local food programs, and medically tailored meals.

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Community organizations and care providers are taking advantage of Nutrible:

Whether as a community food-sourcing tool or for medically tailored food delivery—

We help improve the nutrition outcomes of vulnerable populations! 

Nutrible's all-in-one, unique platform gives community facilities various choices and convenience on our easy-to-use application.

Meals Online

See How Nutrible Reduces Readmissions!

According to the USDA Economic Research Service, the mean prevalence of food insecurity in the United States in 2019 was 10.5%. The rates of food insecurity among racial/ethnic minority groups were higher than the US mean rate, at 22.5% among Black populations and 18.5% among Hispanic populations. Additionally, patients who are malnourished are 50% more likely to be readmitted or die within 100 days post-discharge.


Nutrible exists to ensure patients who need it most have access to food regardless of their income, ethnic background, health literacy status, or physical ability. 

See What Doctors Think!

Dr. Monique Smith MD, MSc, is the founding director of Health DesignED: The Acute Care Design + Innovation Center in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Emory University. Dr. Smith is also an emergency physician at Grady Memorial Hospital, and a thought leader on design thinking in health care and health equity.


In this clip, she discusses how the ability to "prescribe wellness" via Nutrible is an impactful alternative that can change health outcomes for patients with different cultural and economic needs.

More Than Technology -
We Partner With Community Organizations First! 

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