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Nutrible AI Social Worker

Learn how to use the AI Social Worker Navigation platform

via the short, simple videos below:

Assistance Program Questionnaire

  • Welcome to the Assistance Program Questionnaire: In this section, we'll introduce you to the first screen families encounter, where they answer a short questionnaire to determine their eligibility for various programs.

  • Behind the Scenes: Discover how our algorithm works in the background to identify state and local programs and assistance that match a family's needs.

  • Gathering Vital Family Information: Learn about the essential family details collected, such as food security, family status, contact information, family size, and annual income.

  • Unique Organization Code for Tracking: Understand the significance of the organization code, which is specific to each partner and helps track and manage user data.

  • Acknowledging Terms and Conditions: Familiarize yourself with the final steps of acknowledging terms and conditions and logging in.

Explore Community Resources

  • Exploring the Community Resources Panel: Discover the Community Resources Panel and how it compiles program recommendations based on the family's input.

  • Algorithm Magic: Matching Programs: Understand how our algorithm takes into account age, family size, annual income, and family status to suggest relevant programs.

  • Customized Program Offerings: Learn about the wide range of programs available, including food, housing, transportation, healthcare, and customizable sponsored programs

  • Accessing Local Food Pantries: Explore how families can access food pantries in their area and receive food assistance.

  • Applying for Housing Programs: Find out how easy it is for families to complete applications for housing programs and more.

Human-Supported Navigation

  • Easy Self-Enrollment: See how families can easily enroll themselves in various assistance programs, simplifying the process so it is friendly for users aged 18 to 80.

  • Virtual Meeting Assistance: Learn about the option for families to schedule virtual meetings with our support team for personalized assistance.

    Data Sharing for Streamlined Applications: Understand how shared information from previous applications streamlines the process for subsequent ones

    Accessing Local Food Pantries: Explore how families can access food pantries in their area and receive food assistance.

  • Ensuring Accuracy in Applications: Discover how we verify and maintain application accuracy, benefiting families when applying for new programs.

  • Navigating the My Resource Section: Explore the My Resource Section, where families can view and manage their program offerings.

  • Bookmarking Programs for Later: Learn how families can bookmark programs for future reference.

  • Tracking Completed Applications: Understand how families can keep track of the applications they've completed.

'My Resources' Section

Dashboard for Organizations

  • The Organization Dashboard: Tracking User Access: Explore the Organization Dashboard, which enables organizations to monitor user access and engagement.

  • Converting Assistance Programs to Dollar Values: See how we convert assistance programs into dollar values for insights and reporting.

    Insights and Exportable Data for Grants and Donors: Understand how the data can be easily exported to support grant applications and donor outreach.

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