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AI Social Workers

Make Local Social Services and Care Management Instantly Accessible to Families So They Can Focus on What Matters... Them.

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Cross-Sector Collaboration

At Nutrible, our AI social workers, complemented by our human clinical team, eliminate traditional “referrals” to instantaneously enroll families into housing, food, transportation, and healthcare programs including Nutrible’s chronic care management program.

Navigate Online or Over the Phone!

Self Service Navigation:

We offer on-demand navigation and signup for housing, transportation, food, and healthcare programs. 


Personalized Support Over the Phone:

One-on-one navigation and signup for housing, transportation, food, and healthcare programs for families who need it most!

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How it Works

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, over 80% of beneficiaries use smartphones. Nutrible eliminates the need for any downloads, offers a user-friendly experience similar to popular apps, and goes the extra mile by giving families the ability to access personalized support through a simple phone call.

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Step 1:
Orgs can Offer AI Social Workers to All Families They Serve 

Your organization can provide AI Social Workers to every family or community member you support.

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Step 2:
Families Have Flexibility To Enroll In Programs 

Three months later, Ashley falls behind on her utilities and turns to Nutrible to find resources that have an 80% likelihood of approval. In addition to utility assistance, Nutrible offers her support for food, housing, and childcare.

Nutrible empowers Ashley to be in control, allowing her to accept utility and food support while declining offers for childcare and housing.

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 Step 3:
Orgs Gain Unprecedented Insight Directly From The
Families They Serve

Your organization gains the ability to track and analyze the programs Ashley accessed, declined, and the dollar value of the programs she accepted.

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Step 4:
Orgs Use Targeted Data
to Invest in Their Communities 

Access data directly from community members to identify the most frequently used resource providers and quantify the dollar value of resources provided to the community you serve.

Empowering Organizations to Transform Underserved Communities: The AI Social Worker Advantage

For organizations striving to reach underserved communities and facing resource constraints, our AI-driven approach is a game-changer. Powered by AI social workers, we extend their reach exponentially. Our technology empowers families within these communities to take control of their well-being by providing real-time data and tailored resources. This not only fosters self-reliance but also significantly enhances the organizations' ability to effectively support these communities. Through AI, organizations can bridge the gap, even with limited capacity, and connect with communities that may have been harder to engage previously. It's a collaborative approach that empowers both organizations and communities alike, expanding the reach of support and making a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Expanded Capacity



Customizable Resources

Health Begins with Resources:
Our Approach to Chronic Care Management 

At Nutrible, our care management begins with a fundamental principle: providing families with the resources they need to ensure they can prioritize their health above all else. We recognize that managing health conditions can be overwhelming, and the last thing families should worry about is whether they have access to essential resources like food, housing, and transportation. By first ensuring that these basic needs are met, we empower families to focus on their well-being, adhere to care plans, and make proactive health choices. Our comprehensive approach addresses both immediate resource challenges and long-term health goals, setting families on a path to improved health and overall well-being.

We begin by addressing fundamental needs such as housing and food because we understand that when families have their basic requirements met, they can better focus on their health.

We solve social needs first!

We are partners

in health!

We recognize that health is a personal journey, and we work closely with your family to establish attainable goals.
Our focus on building enduring relationships fosters long-term stability, empowering families to lead healthier and fuller lives.

Stability is key when building healthy communities!

Chronic Care Management
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Get Ready to Support More
Families Than Ever!

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